How Wordswoth came to write poetry

"De Quincey tells an interesting story about Wordsworth. He had asked Wordsworth how he came to write poetry, and Wordsworth's answer was not satisfactory. But later in the day, they went to meet the mail cart, which was coming from Keswick. Wordsworth knelt down with his car to the ground to listen for its rumble; When he heard nothing, he straightened up, and his attention was caught by an evening star, which suddenly appeared to him to be intensely beautiful. Wordsworth said: "Now I can explain to you how I come to write poetry. If ever I am concentrating on something that has nothing to do with poetry, and then I suddenly relax my attention, whatever I see when I relax appears to me to be beautiful."

Wordsworth é o melhor nome para um poeta

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josé luís disse...

também já tinha pensad nisso
(if words are worth...)

inocentinho disse...

Thomas de Quincey! Wordswoth! Obrigado por organizares o encontro de tão ilustres convidados...

... e parabéns!


Anónimo disse...

Love Wordsworth, and this little story about how he got inspired for writing poetry is amazing. That moment looking at the evening star is really beautiful.
Oh and love the image, it reminds me of Caspar Friedrich's paintings.


via disse...

poisné mesmo assim, há um encanto que nem todos vêem.

Beatrix Kiddo disse...

hey there

the book is amazing