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Marco disse...

Question: Do you have a desire that was never acomplished?

Anónimo disse...

Como sempre enigmático, mas chega-se lá.

Beatrix Kiddo disse...

Answer: I have, it's an Elie Saab dress, this black one in particular (http://www.beautyisdiverse.com/2011/01/elie-saab-spring-2011-paris-haute-couture/)

Marco disse...

Q: Paris Haut Couture, bien sur.

Interesting, because the object of your desire, a dress, a black one ( i promess that i will not dwelve into considerations on the methaporical meaning of the colour) encompasses the need to be seen, or a discretionary necessity?

Defense mechanisms aside, as one will be summoned this very instant. (As the meaning of the words above became aparent to you).

I am merely playing a game, if you give me permission to it. No Pun or need to knowing anithing you dont want to tell.

Is it the need to feel the dress, too own it?

Imagine for a moment, that you own it, and then what? What happens if the "dress" we dreamed of is ours?

Post Scriptum: I am being rude, making all the questions. By all means i give you the questioning bit of the equation.

And silence is grately apreciated, as it reveals more than it hides.

But enigmatic quizzes aside, as our anonymous friend put it.

This is merely a game, thank you for answering.

sharapour disse...


Beatrix Kiddo disse...

"Imagine for a moment, that you own it, and then what?" Then I will find other desire to accomplish, better dressed this time. With fancy clothes comes "the need to be seen" yes. On the other hand, if I'm in my pajamas and slippers and go outside to put the garbage in the container, comes the "need to not be seen".

I think you know the game I mean
I mean the game called 'go insane'

Marco disse...

I am glad you cared to respond in such short notice, nevertheless, isn't the standard, straigth fit of normality. The padronization of normality is an attempt to define someone through the lens of politics, social life standards, economy and [insert whatever theme you ponder on here, it will do just fine!!], to control it. I am not defending a: "go insane world" where you define your rules, assert your rights, and duties by your own. Sometimes we need to step out of our little Square and behold a reality from a different perspective. Isn't the thread of merely following all others, in an endless stream of views of a sinfle video on youtube, or a rush to the bookstore as soon as an outstanding banal :) author is publicitated on the news? a dull one?

Considerations off the table please. The game you meant did required the possibility of a question, i will remind you gently, if you do not wish to proceed i will respect your decision.

The Hand is Yours. Your Call.


Or you would your prefer normal comments regarding the refinement of your blogged themes?

sharapour disse...

en este blog comento con el nick "sharapour".
no confundir con gente que desconoce las reglas elementales de juegos.

Beatrix Kiddo disse...

yes, question: where are you from?