the shadows dress confess the blackness...yesss

Ode to joy, from the chalice filled with wine, from the chalice filled with light.

Ode to darkness, the shadows dress confess the blackness, confined to trials and tribulations, we seek the hour of consumation. We seek the divinity, by candles, prayers and charity. The chalice of love, the city of love beside the sea.

Ode to the chalice filled with light, ode to the wind, carrying the breath of psalms, upon ashes smeared on palms. Ode, to this light, to the blood raised in wine, the cross and loss, divine, the holy shroud of white.

Tomer Hanuka

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Victor Lisboa disse...

Vou limitar-me ao óbvio, como sujeito raso e sem criatividade que sou: há tempos um blog não me encantava tanto.

Beatrix Kiddo disse...

obrigada Victor :) tens blog? **