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Sting - Desert Rose: "i wanted to find this song, so i typed eley eley. didn't work out."

The Kinks - Animal Farm: "This song makes me want to move to the English countryside and marry a homely peasant wench and have eleven children." 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put Spell on You:  "when i bought my new suede shoes i had to put a spray on them so, when i was putting the spray i was singing : '"i put a spray on you...becaused you're mine" !! :p"

Sexy girl dances in thong: "I feel stupid. I keep throwing dollar bills at my monitor."

Blues Guitar Tommy Emmanuel 12 bar blues in the key of E:
"I don't know why people keep comparing God to Tommy Emmanuel.
I mean, he's good.....but he's no Tommy Emmanuel."
Este roubei ao sacana
"Believe it or not but my penis was once in the book Guinness World Records.
The librarian got pretty pissed though and kicked me out."

Baard Kolstad, the best drummer in Norway!!!!: "Do Norwegians pirate theis music, or do they viking it?"

27.3 Hip Abductor Strengthening: "that's exactly how i look after i take a dump and realize there's not toilet paper and have to get up and go find some"

RJ Mitte interview for Breaking Bad at Paleyfest 2010: "Wow, he's not eating breakfast."
"RJ''s script for the next season. "good morning mom. Whats for breakfest?""

Dave Matthews Band - Grace is Gone: "This song makes me want to fall madly in love and break up just so I can listen to this song with a drink in hand while I reminisce."

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efemota disse...

a do guiness é de longe a melhor


josé luís disse...

:D rabd kiddo!

Beatrix Kiddo disse...

queria ter mais mas demora uma vida a juntar dois ou três hehe