I want to get a room, yeah

Jimmy Fallon  Congrats on being inducted into the Rock &Roll Hall of Fame. You deserved it.

Tom Waits  Well, the weird thing about that, when I heard it, that I was gonna be in the Hall of Fame, I said - Hall of Fame?  I said  How long do we have to wait out here in the hall? And my wife said "don't say that".

Jimmy Fallon  Hey, you don't want to just hang out on the hall all the time.

Tom Waits  There's gotta be a room or something.

Jimmy Fallon  You want to be in the room of fame!

Tom Waits  I want to get a room, yeah.

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O meu primeiro Tom Waits foi há mais de dois anos... vou ali calcular quantos anos tenho

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josé luís disse...

ah kiddo, every now & then, you just say the right thing... ;)